Deadline to get your pledge a class and get your name in the catalog – TBD

If you sponsor a class, you are paying for the 1st thru 4th place Class Placement Rosettes.  If you sponsor a class that doesn’t get 4 entries, the portion of the donation that isn’t used for that  class goes to the  General Ribbon Fund to pay for any un – sponsored classes.    

Classes sponsored in 2020 were carried over to 2021.

To sponsor a class, first pick an available class(es) from the following list. Then  Click Here to Pay for the Sponsorship and submit a form telling us what Class(es) and the Catalog Citation.

Thank you for your Support

6-9 Mo.$25
9-12 Mo.Jeanne RhodesEmmawood English Springer Spaniels, George and Jeanne Rhodes
12-15 Mo.$25available
15-18 Mo.$25available
Novice Dogs$25available
AOH Dogs$25available
Bred By Exhibitor DogsDebra Cooper-SuminskiDebra Cooper-Suminski In Memory of Ch Debrec Award
American Bred Dogs$25available
Open Dogs$25available
Field Trial Dogs$25available
Shooting Dogs$25available
Veteran Dogs 7-9 Yrs.Francie NelsonFrancie Nelson, in memory of Ch. Chinoe’s Eminent Judge, CDX
Veteran Dogs 9-11 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Dogs 11-13 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Dogs 13 Yrs. & over$25available
6-9 Mo.$25available
9-12 Mo.$25available
12-15 Mo.Karen Pierce LasterStorywood ESS
15-18 Mo.$25available
Novice Bitches$25available
AOH Bitches$25available
Bred By Exhibitor BitchesDebra Cooper-SuminskiDebra Cooper-Suminski in memory of Ch. Debrec Sassafrass
American Bred Bitches$25available
Open BitchesElizabeth Davis In honor of CH Caryhill N Seamist Forget Me Not, Elizabeth Davis, Seamist English Springer Spaniels
Field Trial Bitches$25available
Shooting Bitches$25available
Veteran Bitches 7-9 Yrs.Francie NelsonFrancie Nelson, in memory of Ch. Chinoe’s Eminent Judge, CDX
VeteranBitches 9-11 Yrs.$25
Veteran Bitches 11-13 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Bitch 13 Yrs. & overElizabeth DavisIn honor of CH Seamist Morning Glory, Elizabeth Davis, Seamist English Springer Spaniels
Stud DogsDawn HorockDawn Horock -Daz-End English Springer Spaniels
Brood BitchesKim BullardIn memory of Kathy White - Clovelly Springers
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 6-9 Mo.Demery PaladichukDemery Paladichuk
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 9-12 Mo.$25available
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 12-15 Mo.$25available
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 15-19 Mo.$25available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 6-9 Mo.Demery PaladichukDemery Paladichuk
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 9-12 Mo.$25available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 12-15 Mo.$25available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 15-19 Mo.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 7-9 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 9-11 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 11-13 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 13 Yrs. & over$25available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 7-9 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 9-11 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 11-13 Yrs.$25available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 13 Yrs. & over$25available
Novice Junior$25available
Novice Intermediate$25available
Novice Senior$25available
Open Junior$25available
Open Intermediate$25available
Open Senior$25available
OBEDIENCE - National Trial
Novice A - National TrialChristie CooperIn Memory of Magic's Mtn's Melody of Dixie, CD
Novice B - National Trial$25available
Open A - National Trial$25 available
Open B - National Trial$25available
Utility A - National Trial$25available
Utility B - National Trial$25available
Preferred Novice - National Trial$25available
Preferred Open - National Trial$25available
Preferred Utility - National Trial$25available
Beginner Novice A - National Trial$25available
Beginner Novice B - National Trial$25available
Graduate Novice - National Trial$25available
Graduate Open - National Trial$25available
Versatility - National Trial$25available
Veterans - National Trial$25available
Brace - National Trial$25available
Team (4 per placement)$85available
Novice A - Second Trial$25available
Novice B - Second Trial$25available
Open A - Second Trial$25available
Open B - Second Trial$25available
Utility A - Second Trial$25available
Utility B - Second Trial$25available
Preferred Novice - Second Trial$25available
Preferred Open - Second Trial$25available
Preferred Utility - Second Trial$25available
Beginner Novice A - Second Trial$25available
Beginner Novice B - Second Trial$25available
Graduate Novice - Second Trial$25available
Graduate Open - Second Trial$25available
Versatility - Second Trial$25available
Veterans - Second Trial$25available
Brace - Second Trial$25available
RALLY National Trial
Rally Novice A - National Trial$25available
Rally Novice B - National Trial$25available
Rally Advanced A - National Trial$25available
Rally Advanced B - National Trial$25available
Rally Excellent A - National Trial$25available
Rally Excellent B - National Trial$25available
Rally Master - National Trial$25available
RALLY - Second Trial
Rally Novice A- Second Trial$25available
Rally Novice B - Second Trial$25available
Rally Advanced A - Second Trial$25available
Rally Advanced B - Second Trial$25available
Rally Excellent A - Second Trial$25available
Rally Excellent B - Second Trial$25available
Rally Master - Second Trial$25available
Agility Classes - Donate to the Agility Ribbon FundAmount of your choice
Scent Work Classes - Donate to the Scent Work Ribbon FundAmount of your choice
Christie CooperIn honor of McD’s Smile Somebody Loves You, SCN, SWN, SCNE, SWA, SCAE, SIAE, SEAE, RN, CAA, BCAT, CGCA, TKI, ATT
Louisa ArendtIn honor of all the Scent Work volunteers and judges!