If you sponsor a class, you are paying for the 1st thru 4th place Class Placement Rosettes and a First Place Medallion if offered.  If you sponsor a class that doesn’t get 4 entries, the portion of the donation that isn’t used for that  class goes to the  General Ribbon Fund to pay for any un – sponsored classes.    

To sponsor a class, first pick an available class(es) from the following list. Then note the Class(es) and cost of the Class(es) and Click Here to Pay for the Sponsorship and submit a form telling us what Class(es) and the Catalog Citation.

Thank you for your Support

6-9 Mo.Anne Hutchinson
In Memory of Delores Streng
9-12 Mo.George and Jeanne RhodesEmmawood Kennel; George and Jeanne Rhodes
12-15 Mo.$30available
15-18 Mo.$30.00available
Novice Dogs$30.00available
AOH Dogs$30.00available
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs$30.00available
American Bred Dogs$30.00available
Open DogsDemery PaladichukIn loving memory of Esspecial Honeymooner
Field Trial Dogs$30.00available
Shooting Dogs$30.00available
Veteran Dogs 7-9 Yrs.Frances A NelsonFrancie Nelson, Fanfare Springers
Veteran Dogs 9-11 Yrs.Donna HoffmanHIL-N-DON and ELITE English Springer Spaniels
Veteran Dogs 11-13 Yrs.Karen FosterKaren Foster, Georgian Springers
Veteran Dogs 13 Yrs. & over$30.00available
6-9 Mo.Anne Hutchinson
In Memory of Carmen Berci
9-12 Mo.$30.00available
12-15 Mo.$30.00available
15-18 Mo.$30.00available
Novice Bitches$30.00available
AOH Bitches$30.00available
Bred By Exhibitor BitchesJanet WarnerMajic Kennels
Mike & Janet Warner
American Bred Bitches$30.00available
Open Bitches$30.00available
Field Trial Bitches$30.00available
Shooting Bitches$30.00available
Veteran Bitches 7-9 Yrs.Frances A NelsonFrancie Nelson, Fanfare Springers
VeteranBitches 9-11 Yrs.Janet WarnerMajic Kennels
Mike & Janet Warner
Veteran Bitches 11-13 Yrs.Karen FosterKaren Foster, Georgian Springers
Veteran Bitches 13 Yrs. & over$30.00available
Stud Dogs$30.00available
Brood Bitches$30.00available
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 6-9 Mo.Catherine AntosCatherine Antos
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 9-12 Mo.$25.00available
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 12-15 Mo.$25.00available
Puppy Sweeps Dogs 15-19 Mo.$25.00available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 6-9 Mo.$25.00available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 9-12 Mo.$25.00available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 12-15 Mo.$25.00available
Puppy Sweeps Bitches 15-19 Mo.$25.00available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 7-9 Yrs.Martha WarnockMartha and Thomas Warnock
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 9-11 Yrs.$25.00available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 11-13 Yrs.$25.00available
Veteran Sweeps Dogs 13 Yrs. & over$25.00available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 7-9 Yrs.Deborah KennedyBruce & Deborah Kennedy - Churchill ESS
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 9-11 Yrs.$25.00available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 11-13 Yrs.$25.00available
Veteran Sweeps Bitches 13 Yrs. & over$25.00available
Novice Junior$35.00available
Novice Intermediate$35.00available
Novice Senior$35.00available
Open Junior$35.00available
Open Intermediate$35.00available
Open Senior$35.00available
OBEDIENCE - National Specialty
Novice A$35.00available
Novice B$35.00available
Open A$35.00available
Open B$35.00available
Utility A$35.00available
Utility B$35.00available
Preferred Novice$35.00available
Preferred Open$35.00available
Preferred Utility$35.00available
Beginner Novice A$35.00available
Beginner Novice B$35.00available
Graduate Novice$35.00available
Graduate Open$35.00available
Team (4 per placement)$125.00available
RALLY First Trial
Rally Novice A (first trial)$25.00available
Rally Novice B (first trial)$25.00available
Rally Advanced A (first trial)$25.00available
Rally Advanced B (first trial)$25.00available
Rally Excellent A (first trial)$25.00available
Rally Excellent B (first trial)$25.00available
Rally Master (first trial)$25.00available
RALLY - National Specialty
Rally Novice A$35.00available
Rally Novice BMartha WarnockMartha and Thomas Warnock
Rally Advanced A$35.00available
Rally Advanced B$35.00available
Rally Excellent A$35.00available
Rally Excellent B$35.00available
Rally Master$35.00available
To be Added when the list is available
TBD$40.00 per classstill being decided

Donations to the  General Trophy and Ribbon Fund received:

Jerry and Marie Andersen