If you have received an invitation to enter the Top Twenty, you may submit your entries using the PayPal buttons and the Online Entry form at the bottom of this page.

Deadline for Participant Entries, strictly enforced: June 1, 2022

For questions regarding participants and entries, or to modify your entry, please contact Kim Bullard journeyess@gmail.com

Entry fee for each category entered is $75.00
Fee for mailing Rosette within the USA: $25.00
Extra Rosettes picked up at the Event: $40.00 each
Extra Rosettes to be mailed within the USA: $65

Congratulations Top 20 Qualifiers! We will be honoring the 2021 Top 20 Qualifiers in Conformation, Owner-Handled, Performance, and Field venues.  You will receive a beautiful personalized rosette for each category entered and a Top 20 Catalog with each entry.

Please submit a Photo of your dog for the catalog (landscape/horizontal orientation – high resolution/ 300 dpi resolution). The photo should be emailed to Kim Bullard at journeyess@gmail.com no later than June 1, 2022.

This event is a companion event to the ESSFTA National Specialty and is held under the jurisdiction of the National Specialty Committee and AKC regulations. Exhibitors and handlers agree to follow all directions of the Top Twenty Committee, and your entry indicates you accept these terms. Persons failing to abide by these regulations and directions may be subject to exclusion from the event.

Top Twenty Entry Process – read carefully

  • Each Category entered requires an entry fee of $75.00
  • You can enter only the category(ies) for which you were invited.
  • The Categories are:
    • Conformation
    • Owner-Handled
    • Performance (Agility/Obedience/Rally)
    • Field

There are four Category options that you can enter for the 2022 Top Twenty. Each Category option entered has an entry fee of $75.00.  That means, if you enter and show in two categories, you must pay $150 in entry fees.

Payment Options: (all mailing costs are for mailing within the USA )

  • The Top Twenty entry fee is $75 for each Category entered.  Your entry fee provides a personalized rosette, a Top 20 Catalog and the opportunity to exhibit your dog; an entry with mailing of the rosette is $100
  • Additional rosettes may be pre-ordered and picked up at the event for a fee of $40 each
  • If you want to order additional rosettes to be mailed to you, the cost is $65 per Rosette. This includes postage within the US.  Postage outside the US will incur additional fees.

To enter the Top Twenty, please submit your payment using the following PayPal buttons and fill out the following online entry form. THIS IS A THREE STEP PROCESS. Your entry is not complete until all three steps are completed. If you prefer to mail in your entry, download and follow the instructions on the following Information sheet and entry form

STEP ONE: Fill out the Following Online Entry Form

Your entry is not complete until you go on to Step 2 and make payment

STEP TWO: Make Payment –

There are two PayPal buttons. The first is for entry fees and the second is for additional entries. You do not need a PayPal account to use these buttons. You will get the option to pay using a credit card at checkout. You will also have the option to select quantities more than 1 at checkout.

(If you are using an IPhone, this paypal button will only work if you accessed the website thru the phones browser. It will NOT work if you accessed this page thru the Facebook Link)

Entry Fees
extra rosettes

STEP THREE: Mail you dog’s Photo to Kim Bullard

E Mail dog photo to Kim at journeyess@gmail.com no later than June 1, 2022 (landscape/horizontal orientation – high resolution/ 300 dpi resolution)


Snail Mail to Kim – contact her to find out where to send it.