DEADLINE: September 1, 2020

  • If you are attending the Gateway Cluster Shows the weekend of September 18-20,  and plan to stay in the RV Park, you must reserve your spot thru Monday morning from the Gateway Cluster RV Chairperson.  That name will be published here once it is known.

  • ESSFTA cannot accept reservations for the RV Parking Lot prior to Monday, September 21.  If you arrive at Purina Sunday night, without a reservation, you may be turned away by Purina guards, or be placed in the overflow parking area.  ESSFTA has no control over how Purina handles your arrival.

  • Reservations will not be confirmed and spaces will not be reserved until both payment and a reservation form are received.

  • If you prefer to mail in your reservation and pay by check, download the 2020 RV Mail in Form

STEP 1: Select your RV Space

Using the following RV Lot Maps and the Table of available spaces, select the RV space that you want.

Main Event Center RV Lot

Spaces in Row A will be assigned in accordance with the following priority:

  1. Rig >50 long (including towed trailer if not disconnected to park)
  2. Handicap (documentation of RV parking permit must be submitted to
  3. Reserved for the Club
  4. By Request – assigned in the order reserved and paid

If you want a space in A row, but are not handicapped or >50 ft long, reserve a spot on B, C or D row and check the box on the reservation form indicating you want A row.  Any A row spaces still available after September 1 will be assigned in accordance with your spot on the wait list.  You will be placed on the wait list in the order your reservation is received and paid.

All Rental RVs must be placed in Row D, unless they are longer than 35 ft.


Over Flow RV Lot at the Main Show Field

Overflow RV Lot
Overflow RV Lot – Spaces #11-44 available for ESSFTA

Space Availability

Please refresh the page before selecting your space to make sure you are looking at the most up to date version of the table.

SpaceRow A
max 55 ft
Row B
max 50 ft
Row C
max 45 Ft
Row D
max 35 ft
1Reserved ReservedReservedReserved
2Reserved AvailableReservedReserved
3Reserved AvailableReservedReserved
4Reserved for the ClubAvailableAvailablereserved
5Reserved for the clubAvailableAvailableAvailable
6Reserved AvailableAvailableAvailable
>50 ft rig or Handicap
>50 ft rig
14reserved - ReservedAvailableAvailable

STEP 2:  Fill out the RV Reservation Form

After you hit “Submit”, the form will be replaced with the following message: “Thank you for registering for an RV Space”  .  If you get this message, your submission was successful and you will get a confirmation email immediately with the details of your reservation.

Make sure you hit the “Submit RV  Reservation” button before you go on to Step 3.

STEP 3:  Pay for the Reservation Thru Paypal –

A reservation is not considered complete until both payment and a reservation form are received. Spaces will not be reserved without payment.

Pay here for the Main Event Center Lot

Total Nights

Pay here for the Overflow Lot

Total Nights