RESERVATIONS Deadline: September 4, 2020

Cost = $40 per night for Event Center RV Parking;  $30 per night for Overflow RV Parking

Refund Policy: Full refunds for RV spaces for full cancellation, leaving earlier or arriving later than your reservation, if you notify Jean Hilbig by September 23.

Click HERE to reserve your RV spot

Main Event Center RV Parking

  • 74 FULL HOOKUP spaces available with water, electricity (30 & 50 amp), and sewer
  • Showers are available 24/7.
  • It is recommended that you bring extra lengths of water and sewer hose, as many of the spaces have unusually long distances to the utility posts.
  • Two non-commercial vehicles are permitted to park per camping space in the Main Event Center  lot, which includes 2 cars or one (tow) vehicle and one additional vehicle. Additional vehicles must park in the general parking lot. The 2 affiliated cars can only park in the RV site if the affiliated pull-behind trailer or RV is occupying the spot. Cars can’t park in the site if a camper is not there.
  • For a complete list of the Purina regulations regarding camping click PF 1562B CAMPING GUIDELINES.

Overflow Parking –

  • 33 RV parking spots
  • electrical only (30 & 50 amp) hookups
  • Located by the Main Event Field
  • Overflow Parking Area

Arrival and Departure Times


  • RVs with reservations may arrive after 3 pm on Monday, September 21
  • If you are attending the Gateway Cluster Shows the weekend of September 18-20,  and plan to stay in the RV Park, you must reserve your spot thru Monday morning from the Gateway Cluster RV Chairperson.  That name will be published here once it is known.
  • ESSFTA cannot accept reservations for the RV Parking Lot prior to Monday, September 21.  If you arrive at Purina Sunday, without a reservation, you may be turned away by Purina guards, or be placed in the overflow parking area.  ESSFTA has no control over how Purina handles your arrival.
  • If arriving after 11p.m., the RVs must park in a holding lot as placed by Purina Farms security for the night so as not to disrupt other guests. Only campers with a pre-reserved spot for the next day will be able to stay in the holding lot overnight.


  • RVs must vacate their spots by 6 p.m. on the last day of their rental reservation, except if they plan to stay over Saturday night. In that case, they must vacate by 9 am Sunday, September 27.
  • Any RVs that plan to stay beyond 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 26,  must have a pre-paid, pre-reserved spot for Saturday evening.
  • If you plan to leave after Sunday Sept 27, you will have to arrange for your parking space thru the Bearded Collie Club of America National RV Chairperson.

 RV Rentals

  • All rental RVs < 35 ft long will be placed in Row D. Rental RVs  > 35 ft will be placed in Row C.
  • If renting an RV, the renter must have it in writing that the rental company will pick up the rental by 6 p.m. on the (last pre-paid, pre-reserved date) designated move out day or the rental unit will not be allowed on property.

RV Day Parking

RVs may not be parked in the regular vehicle parking lots.  Day parking for RVs is available in 3 main designated holding lots

  1.  Lower Main Show Field parking lot
  2. Outdoor Agility Field
  3.  Herding Field.

Day parkers must vacate day parking before 11 p.m. when quiet hours start. There are a set number of day parking spots. When those are full, day parking will not be available.

“A Row” Priority and Handicapped personnel in the RV Lot

Row A is the only row that can accommodate the big rigs > 50ft.  These rigs have top priority for A Row spaces.  A certain number of spaces in Row A will be held back from the reservation process for the big rigs that may register late in the reservation window.  After the September 4 reservation deadline, any remaining spaces in A Row will be assigned  first to Handicapped persons on the Row A wait list, followed by anybody else on the wait list.

There are no designated Handicapped RV Parking spots in the Purina RV Park.  Purina allows handicapped persons to have golf carts (or other types of carts) in the RV park to facilitate getting to and from the Event Center,  the Bath House and other parts of the Site. The ESSFTA National Committee has chosen to give Handicap persons priority (after the Big Rigs) to space in Row A, as long as the spaces are available. Once available spaces are reserved, a wait list will be maintained for spaces that become available. Names will go on the wait list in the order reservations were submitted and paid. Handicapped personnel will go on the wait list ahead of all others.

Purina allows handicapped personnel in the RV Park to have golf carts on site. Anybody else wanting a golf cart must contact Purina for approval. Golf Carts can be rented from the following businesses:

  • M&M Golf Cars (636) 379-8243
  • Gateway Golf Cars (800) 230-5988
  • Chase Co. (UTV’s) (636) 742-4700

Supplies For Purchase

Purina Farms has hoses and parts to sell to any camper who doesn’t come equipped with the right length of hose or parts. Parts include a 20’ EZ Flush Heavy Duty Hose, Hose coupler for 20’ extension hose and a 50’ water hose. Purina Farms also has pigtails available to check out to go from 30 amp to 50 amp if a camper keeps tripping the 30 amp breaker.