Grooming Coordinator:  Mary Osbun and Tony Vasquez
Reservations Deadline: September 4, 2020

Refund policy:  Full refunds for grooming if you notify both Jean Hilbig and Mary Osbun by September 21

  • Crating and Grooming space will be in Gateway Hall.
  • Crating for Agility, Obedience and Rally will be in designated areas adjacent to the respective rings in the Great Hall.
  • No grooming is allowed in the Great Hall.
  • Indoor Bathing tubs are available in Gateway Hall
  • NO grooming or bathing will be allowed in the host hotel rooms
  • 20 amp Electrical outlets are available in Gateway Hall for $45 each.
  • No splitters or power strips are allowed due to Fire Safety concerns.
  • Free Grooming/crating space, without an electrical outlet, is available in Gateway Hall, but still requires a reservation
  • Please assess grooming table legs to make sure they won’t damage facility floors. Rubber caps for the tables are available if tables appear like they will damage the flooring.
  • All crates in the Great Hall, near the agility and obedience rings, must be on a solid type of matting that won’t allow liquids or other substances to seep through onto the floor.
  • The Grooming Area is expected to be available for set up Monday, after 3 PM.

Reservations are required for grooming/crating space in Gateway Hall, whether or not an electrical outlet is requested, in order to assure an orderly layout of the area.

Reservations are not final until they are paid.

Electrical Outlets