RV Coordinator: Lori DiLorenzo

Cost = $45 per night for Event Center RV Parking;RV Lot 2
$30 per night for Overflow RV Parking

  • 74 FULL HOOKUP spaces available with water, electricity (30 & 50 amp), and sewer
  • Showers are available 24/7.
  • It is recommended that you bring extra lengths of water and sewer hose, as many of the spaces have unusually long distances to the utility posts.

OVERFLOW PARKING – NEW THIS YEAR: In the past, the spaces in the RV Overflow parking area near the Outdoor Main Show Field have been free. Purina is now charging for these spaces and responsibility to assign these spots and collect fees is given to the Club.

  • 33 RV parking spots
  • electrical only (30 & 50 amp) hookups
  • Cost is $30 per night.
  • Anybody parked in these spaces must reserve their spot thru the club and display a  parking placard.
  • Compliance will be enforced by Purina Security.

ARRIVAL: RVs may arrive after 9 AM on Monday, September 3 and must check out by 9 AM Sunday, September 9, 2018.

If you are entered in Agility on Monday and want to arrive at Purina on Sunday, the RVs from the weekend show may still be in the RV Lot.  Prior arrangements to arrive Sunday must be made thru the RV Coordinator, who will make arrangements with the other club RV Coordinator. You may not be able to move into your assigned RV spot on Sunday. If you plan to stay beyond Sunday Sept 9, you will have to arrange for your parking space for those nights directly with Purina.

If you are coming in for the All-Breed show on Labor Day Weekend, you need to arrange for your RV space for the weekend thru the St Louis Dog Breeders Association. The information on their RV Coordinator will be available in their Premium List.


  • If you want to request a specific RV site or row, click  “PurinaRV ” for a map of the main RV Parking Area.
  • To select an RV spot in the Overflow RV lot,  Click “Overflow RV Lot”  for a map.
  • Online reservations will be accepted only until August 22, after which you may still get an RV space on a space available basis. Contact the RV Coordinator directly to make arrangements after August 22.

RV Parking will be assigned by the RV Chairperson. Requesting a specific slot or row does not guarantee that you will get that spot or row.  Spaces in Row A will be assigned in accordance with the following priority:

1. Handicap
2. Rig >45 long (including towed trailer if not disconnected to park)
3. By Request – assigned in the order reserved and paid.

A Master Reservation List & Site Map of parking spaces will be emailed to all exhibitors with a reserved space after reservations close.

Purina has a lengthy list of rules staying in the RV Park.   Click PF 1562A CAMPING GUIDELINES to download and read a copy.