Deadline to reserve a Welcome Bag – CLOSED



Welcome Bags, donated by Purina and filled with items donated by generous springer enthusiasts, clubs, members, rescue groups and vendors will be available for National Specialty attendees. Welcome Bags are free, but in order to have enough bags for everybody, we need to know if you want a Welcome Bag.  You MUST reserve a bag by Aug 22.

When you get to the National, you will need to pick up a coupon at Show Central to trade for the Welcome Bag at Purina Hospitality.  If your name is not on the Reserved Welcome Bag list, you will go on a wait list and receive a bag only if there are any remaining after final pick up. You will receive a confirmation of your reserved welcome bag after you send in your reservation. You won’t be required to have the confirmation in order to get a coupon, but it will help to have it with you in case there are any questions about whether or not you reserved a bag.