Grooming Coordinator:  Mary Osbun and Tony Vasquez
Reservations Deadline: CLOSED


  • Crating and Grooming space is available in Gateway Hall, across the hall from the show rings in the Great Hall.
  • Crating for Agility, Obedience and Rally will be in designated areas adjacent to the respective rings in the Great Hall.
  • No grooming is allowed in the Great Hall.
  • Indoor Bathing tubs are available in Gateway Hall
  • NO grooming or bathing will be allowed in the host hotel rooms
  • 20 amp Electrical outlets are available in Gateway Hall for $45 each.
  • No splitters or power strips are allowed due to Fire Safety concerns.
  • Free Grooming/crating space, without an electrical outlet, is available in Gateway Hall, but still requires a reservation
  • Please assess grooming tables to make sure they won’t damage facility floors. Rubber caps for the tables are available if tables appear like they will damage the flooring.
  • All crates in the Great Hall, near the agility and obedience rings, must be on a solid type of matting that won’t allow liquids or other substances to seep through onto the floor.
  • The Grooming Area is expected to be available for set up Monday, after 1 PM.

Reservations are required for grooming/crating space in Gateway Hall, whether or not an electrical outlet is requested, in order to assure an orderly layout of the area.