“Ain’t Life Fine”

The very popular Fun Contests were put to rest in 2017. This is an activity started by Bonnie Regan three years ago. The National Committee wants to thank Bonnie and her team for providing  a fun element to our National.  Out of the ashes of the Fun Contests, the Phoenix Awards have risen to take their place.

The Phoenix Awards will be a series of recognition events, contests and drawings throughout the National.  We are asking individuals or clubs to sponsor an award.  Sponsorship involves:

  • Selecting the contest you want to sponsor – pick one we suggest – or come up with your own.
  • Provide the prize – either donate money to the Phoenix Awards and let us pick – or you pick and purchase the prize
  • Coordinate the execution of the contest at the National – arrange for the judges if needed – announce the time – award the prize.

All of the prizes are provided thru donations of either money or a prize. If you want to sponsor a Phoenix Award,  use the the form at the bottom of this page and tell us what contest you want to sponsor, and how you will provide for the prize.  If you are donating the money and want us to pick the prize, we are asking for a minimum $30 donation. You can send the donation using the Paypal Donate Button on the bottom of the page, or mail a check made out to ESSFTA to Jean Hilbig, National Treasurer.

We have a volunteer to make posters for each contest as a way to promote the contest. If you want a poster for your contest, we need to know by July 30.

The following contests already have sponsors:

🐾🐾SHOW-ME ESS Versatility Award –  PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED  – Click here to register
Sponsors: Ginger Huxley and Cathy Pullian
A medal will be awarded to any dog that Qualifies or earns a placement ribbon in 3 or more different venues during National Week. Venues included are Conformation, (Regular, non-regular, Sweepstakes, Junior Showmanship), Agility (Springer day only), Obedience (Either trial, ), Rally (either trial), Scent Work, Dock Diving, and Hunt test.  There is no cost, but Pre-registration is required. Registration must be submitted by August 15. Register online  or email Ginger Huxley at vhhicloud@icloud.com with your name, dogs name and venues you plan to enter.

🐾🐾Grooming Area Decoration Contest
Sponsor – Laurin Howard and the Juniors. The theme is “Ain’t Life Fine”. The Contest will be judged by the Juniors.  Prize – Fabric box full of grooming items; logo embroidered  towels and grooming apron.

🐾🐾Walk, run; Huff, puff; Slip, trip; Had enough?; Lookin’ Rough!; LABOR INTENSIVE RUN!!!   
Sponsor: Kathy Patregnani. Judges by Kathy and the Agility Judge

🐾🐾Performance Juniors Armband drawing
Sponsor – Sue Ellen and John Healy

🐾🐾Junior Handler Armband Drawing
Sponsor – Sue Ellen and John Healy

🐾🐾Non Qualifying Dog in Obedience with the highest healing score at the National Obedience Trial 
Sponsor – Jean Hilbig  – Run off may be required.  Prize – Backpack with embroidred Jumping Springer full of goodies

🐾🐾Love Those Old Farts: Oldest Dog or Bitch in Veterans Obedience Class
Sponsor – Alex Whitman – Must be present to win, but need not attain any minimum score.   Prize – A Back on Track Crate Pad

🐾🐾How many Tennis Balls in the Toybox?  Sponsor: Anonymous  Guess how many tennis balls are in the Toybox and win a bag full of goodies (and tennis balls). Eight of the loosing tickets will be drawn to win a tote bag full of tennis balls.

🐾🐾Bunny Slippers & Fuzzy Robes: Best Dressed in Pajama Party! Sponsored by Demery Paladichuk & Kim Bullard – Anyone competing in the sweepstakes extravaganza, or who is attending ringside and is dressed for the occasion is eligible. Prize: A basket full of pajama party themed items such as slumber party snacks (including a little something for a nightcap), fun socks, themed toys for your pups, and more!

Other possible contests: Do you want to sponsor one of these??

  • Oldest Qualifying Dog in Rally in the National Rally Trial –
  • Best Dressed in Best of Breed – substitute any class or venue for “Best of Breed”
  • Wednesday Arm Band Drawing – substitute any day or class for “Wednesday”
  • Scent Work dog looking for a new Handler – substitute Obedience, Rally or Conformation dog for Scent Work
  • “Ain’t Life Fine?” Costume Contest – most creative, bravest dog, craziest
  • RV Dwellers Draw

Or make up your own contest –

While you  decide on what you want to sponsor, enjoy some of the 2017 Fun Contest winners: – Picture Credits go to to Susan Schneider, Bonnie Regan, and Jennie Carl-Howard.

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