The ESSFTA has an excellent history of maintaining its Specialty headquarters and show site in good condition.  Rings, grooming areas, and hotel rooms occupied by its members are expected to be left with no damage, and as clean as possible, after the Specialty is over.  As a measure of ensuring that this standard will be met, the following policies will be enforced during the National Specialty week:

  1. No dog should be left uncrated in a hotel room in the absence of the room occupants at any time.
  2. Dogs that constitute a nuisance to occupants of the hotel by continual barking or howling, may subject their owners to being removed by the hotel.
  3. There will be no grooming of dogs in the hotel rooms. Grooming will be permitted only in the areas set aside for that purpose.
  4. No dogs shall be washed in hotel bathtubs, and hotel towels are not to be used on dogs for drying them or other grooming purpose.
  5. Bitches in season must wear panties at all times when they are in the hotel.
  6. You are expected to keep the external and internal premises of the hotel and show site free of debris and feces caused by the presence of dogs attending the Specialty.
  7. The Club will provide a committee to inspect rooms upon member checkout, either separately from, or in concert with, designated hotel staff members. Should any room or its contents exhibit signs of unusual wear or damage because of the presence of a dog(s), the occupant will be held to censure by the Club and shall compensate the hotel for all damages.  Offenders may be censured, held in suspension of membership, or expelled from membership in the ESSFTA should circumstances warrant.
  8. While the ESSFTA does not assume legal responsibility for the actions of individuals attending the National Specialty, it does assume ethical responsibility for their actions. The ESSFTA will make every effort to assure that any offending person make redress to the hotel or show site in the event that he/she is responsible for damage to the premises.
  9. The ESSFTA urges all members to carefully inspect their rooms prior to checkout.
  10. Litters of puppies and unentered dogs are not allowed at the Show Site.
  11. All dogs will be on-lead at all times, unless required for judging.
  12. There will be no exhibitor car parking in the RV areas in order to allow Emergency vehicles access.
  13. Parents or guardians are totally responsible for the actions and safety of their children

All members and non-members of the ESSFTA are expected to adhere to the above Standards.