Grooming Coordinators:  Mary Osbun and Tony Vasquez

COST: Space is free – $50 for an electrical outlet –

Deadline for Grooming Reservations: August 10, 2022

The Grooming Area will be available for set up monday after 3 PM. Scent Work Interior searches will be held in Gateway Hall Early Monday afternoon. absolutely no move-ins until 3 PM. The Dog bathing room in Gateway hall will be available starting at 5 PM Monday evening. The Dog Bathing room in the RV Service Center is available all day Monday..

  • Crating and Grooming space is available in Gateway Hall, across the hall from the show rings in the Great Hall.
  • Crating for Agility, Obedience and Rally will be in designated areas adjacent to the respective rings in the Great Hall.No reservations are needed for this space.
  • No grooming is allowed in the Great Hall.
  • Indoor Bathing tubs are available in Gateway Hall and the Service Center next to the RV Lot
  • NO grooming or bathing will be allowed in the Host hotel rooms
  • 20-amp Electrical outlets are available in Gateway Hall for $50 each.
  • No splitters or power strips are allowed due to Fire Safety concerns.
  • Free Grooming/crating space, without an electrical outlet, is available in Gateway Hall but still requires a reservation.
  • Please assess grooming tables to make sure they won’t damage facility floors.
  • All crates in the Great Hall, near the agility and obedience rings, must be on a solid type of matting that won’t allow liquids or other substances to seep through onto the floor.
  • The Grooming area will be locked nightly at 11 PM starting on Monday, August 29.
  • Dogs may be left in the Grooming area overnight. There will be a security guard in the Building at night.
  • Every crate left in the Grooming Area needs to have a crate tag with the dog’s information and the owner’s contact information in case of emergency.

Make a Reservation using the following Online Form and PayPay Button, or Download the Mail in Form to pay by Check

Online Reservations:

Making a Grooming Reservation is a TWO STEP Process. A reservation is not considered complete until both steps are completed. Step 1 is making Payment using the PayPal Button. Step 2 is the Reservation form that provides the information we need to make sure you have adequate space.
Reservations are required for grooming/crating space in Gateway Hall, whether or not an electrical outlet is requested, in order to assure an orderly layout of the area.
If you want grooming space, but do not want an electric outlet – Go To Step 2.

Step 1: Make payment

Use the following PayPal button to make payment. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use this button. You will have the option to use your credit card during the checkout process

(If you are using an IPhone, this paypal button will only work if you accessed the website thru the phones browser. It will NOT work if you accessed this page thru the Facebook Link)

Electrical Outlets

Step 2: Reservation Form