Grooming Coordinators:  Mary Osbun and Tony Vasquez
Reservations Deadline: October 6, 2021

COST: Space is free – $55 for an electrical outlet – covers Sunday – thru Saturday – Three shows

Electrical Outlets are Sold Out. We are looking for options to add more outlets. If you want an outlet, fill out the reservation form at the bottom of this page and your name will go on the wait list for outlets as they become available. If you fill out a reservation, you will still get a grooming space, but not electricity – until outlets become available.

The Grooming Area will be available for set up Sunday, after 3 PM. All equipment must be removed by 9 AM Sunday, November 7. Your reservation covers both local specialties and the National.

Event Center Layout
  • Crating and Grooming space for Conformation will be in the Event Hall, around the Conformation ring
  • Crating for Obedience and Rally will be in a designated area in the Event Hall adjacent to the door leading to the Ballroom where the Obedience rings will be located. There is no crating allowed in the Ballrooms. Reservations for the Obedience crating are required so we can allocate adequate space.
  • Bathing tubs will be set up outside the Event Center.
  • NO grooming or bathing will be allowed in the host hotel rooms
  • There are 90 20 amp Electrical outlets available on a first come basis for $55 each for the entire week.
  • No splitters or power strips are allowed due to Fire Safety concerns.
  • Free Grooming/crating space, without an electrical outlet, is available, but still requires a reservation
  • Please assess grooming table legs to make sure they won’t damage facility floors.
  • No electric appliances, i.e. refrigerators, coffee makers, coolers, etc., are allowed in the show building. No such appliances are to be plugged in to any outlets in the show building.  Violations are to be reported to the ESSFTA National Bench Show Committee.  The Show Committee will ask those who bring such items into the show building to remove said items immediately. If said items are not removed or said exhibitor refuses to do so, said exhibitor will be asked to leave the show grounds and will not be allowed to return

To reserve Grooming outlets, please submit your payment using the following Paypal button and fill out the following reservation form. This is a two step process. . Please remember to complete both steps.

To Reserve Grooming space without electrical or Obedience crating space, skip to Step 2

If you prefer to mail in your entry, download and follow the instructions on the following Information Sheet and entry Form.

STEP ONE: ELectrical Outlets are sold out

STEP TWO: Fill out the following form to reserve space, with or without an electrical outlet. Use this form also to reserve space in the Obedience rating area. If reserving space with electric, your name will go on the wait list for outlets that become available.