Extravaganza Chairperson: Laurie Green
September 4, 2018   
Tuesday Evening
Deadline for entry:  Entries are closed for this event

Come join us again for our 2nd Annual Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes Spectacular.  This year we are having a PAJAMA PARTY so be creative and come dressed to doze!!!!

Puppies:  This event is open to all puppies who have won a BISS, BOSS, RESERVE BISS or BOSS or FUTURITY BISS or BOSS.  These wins must have happened from June 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018.  Class/ages at the time of entry deadline of August 15, 2018 are:  Junior Puppy 6-12 months and Senior Puppy 12 months and over.  Classes will also be divided by sex.

Puppy Judging and scoring:  There will be three judges using a score sheet with points ranging from 1-10 points.  Each class will have placements from 1st-4th with 1st place having the highest point score.  Winners of each class will compete for Best Sweepstakes Puppy in Spectacular.

Veterans:  This event is open to any Veteran who has won a BVISS, BVOSS, RESERVE BVISS OR BVOSS at any time in their show career.  Deadline will be August 15, 2018.  Classes will be divided by sex and if entry is large, they will be divided by age also 7-10 and 10 and over.

Veteran Judging and Scoring:  Judging and scoring will be done the same as in Puppy Sweepstakes classes using the same judges and same score sheets.  Placements will be awarded for 1st-4th in each class.  Winners of each class will compete for Best Sweepstakes Veteran in Spectacular.

Entries: Entries for this event are closed. For questions – contact Laurie Green at esspringers@gmail.com.


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