Pre-Order Your Printed Top 20 Catalogs Here

Deadline: September 30, 2021

COST: $10 – Pick up at Event; $15 – Mailed

Printed Catalogs WILL NOT be available for sale at the event.

Great News!  The Top 20 Committee is excited to announce that we will have printed versions of the Top 20 Catalog for sale.  Our plan had been to only have an electronic version available but with help from Amanda Brown, editor of the ESS Center Stage magazine, we now are able to offer a printed version. If you’ve gotten the ESS Center Stage magazine, you know what a high quality publication it is.  (Many, many thanks to Amanda!).  Audience members will be provided with a link to the online version of the catalog the evening of the Top 20 Event which can be viewed on your phone.    Be sure to pre-order your catalog so that you will have it the night of the Top 20!

Can’t come to the National?? – “mailed”  catalogs will be available for $15. These must be pre-ordered and prepaid. Catalogs will only be mailed for $15 within the United States.  

Pay for your catalog using the following PayPal button. You do not need a PayPal account to use this button. You will get the option at checkout to pay using a credit card. If you want more than one catalog, you can change the number when you go to the cart.

Top 20 Catalog