Springer Rescue is an important part of protecting our Breed. We are lucky to have active Springer Rescue organizations in various parts of the Country.  We honor these volunteers for providing safe and meaningful lives for springers, who find themselves homeless.

Our rescue organizations will host booths with lots of nice springer and dog themed items for sale. The proceeds from these booths support their various programs. Plan to visit the Rescue booths and get to know these tireless volunteers.

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If your Rescue Group is planning to attend the National and have a booth, please email essfta@websales.com and let us know. Send us your logo and we will add it to this page.

Rescue Parade Chair, Sue Schroer
The Rescue Parade is a highlight of the National Specialty. The Rescue Parade will be held on Saturday in the Conformation ring. A commemorative booklet featuring the resumes and pictures of entered dogs will be given to each entrant and will be available to spectators.

The Rescue Parade is limited to 20 dogs and bitches that have been placed through a rescue organization. All rescue dogs shall be spayed or neutered.  There is no age limitation. All dogs must be current on vaccines and of a pleasant temperament to participate. All must be handled by an adult, although other family members are welcome to walk with them.

There is no cost to participate in the Rescue Parade, but pre-registration is required. Use the following form to pre-register, or email the same information to Sue Schroer at  sueschroer@gmail.com.