Event Sponsor: Virginia Huxley, vhhicloud@icloud.com 
Pre-registration: October 6, 2021
No Cost, but Preregistration required

This year, we will be recognizing Springers at the National who exhibit the versatility of our breed thru competing successfully in multiple venues. A medal will be awarded to any dog that meets the criteria in 3 or more different venues during National Week.

Minimum 3 Points required to qualify for the Award. Only 1 point can be awarded in each of the following categories, regardless of the number of times you meet the criteria:

• Entered and shows in National Conformation, (Regular, non-regular, Sweepstakes)
• Entered and shows in Juniors (Conformation),
• Qualifies in at least one class in Agility (Springer day only),
• Qualifies in at least one class in Obedience (Either trial),
• Qualifies in at least one class in Rally (either trial),
• Qualifies in at least one class in Scent Work (either trial),
• Pass CGC or CGCA 
• Qualify in Tricks  

There is no cost to the participant, but PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Registration must be submitted by October 6. Register using the following Online Entry Form. If you prefer to mail your registration – download the Lone Star State ESS Versatility Award Information Sheet and registration Form and follow the instructions on the Form.