A combined Silent Auction and Raffle will be held during the National. The Raffle and Silent Auction will run from Wednesday thru Friday, with bids closing and raffle tickets drawn during the Lunch Break on Friday. Tickets for the Small Items Raffle will be sold for $1 each, or 25 tickets for $20 and will be sold only at the National. Silent Auction/Raffle items must be claimed by the end of Breed judging, or they will be offered to the second highest bidder, or another raffle ticket will be drawn.

The Show Committee is asking for “Regional Baskets” for the Silent Auction to be donated by ESS Specialty Clubs nationwide. Raffle baskets filled with items that represent your regional area are always very well received. And to make it a bit more fun . . . the club with the basket that receives the highest dollar amount will win that money for their club.

Should no one in your club be attending the National Specialty we would be happy to do the shopping for you. Just send us the items you would like purchased and a check to cover the cost (we will save the receipts for club expense purposes). We will shop and fill a basket for your club. Your club name will be displayed on the raffle table with your basket. Please let April Leonetti know if your club will be sending a raffle basket. Thank you in advance.

Donations for the Raffle or the Silent Auction will be greatly appreciated. Just being them to Show Central and drop them off..

Thank You for your support.