Deadline to reserve a Welcome Bag – Sept 11, 2019 

Welcome Bag Chairperson – Veronica Barker,


welcome bag posterWelcome Bags, donated by Purina and filled with items donated by generous springer enthusiasts, clubs, members, rescue groups and vendors will be available for National Specialty attendees. Welcome Bags are free, but in order to have enough bags for everybody, we need to know if you will be present and want a Welcome Bag.  You MUST reserve a bag by September 11, 2019.

Welcome Bags will be distributed Monday at the Welcome Party. If you are not at the Welcome Party, you can pick them up during the week at Show Central. In order to assure that we have enough Welcome Bags for all attendees at the National, The National Committee has implemented a policy that you must be present at the National and pick up your own bag. If there are bags left over on the last day of the National,  they will be available for you to pick up a bag for a friend or family member who did not attend the National.  This policy was in effect in 2018 and worked very well, resulting in nobody being denied a bag, even if they hadn’t reserved one.

Reserve your Welcome Bag using the following form:


Donations for Welcome Bag contents are welcome. If you want to donate an item, fill out the following form, or Contact Veronica Barker at

If you want to make a financial Donation to Welcome Bags, Click HERE.

If you donate an item or money to the Welcome Bags, your name will be listed on the National Supporters Web Page.