Official Show Photographer – Teddy Lei, St Louis, Missouri

Show Videographer

Irvin B. Krukenkamp, MD
2639 Poco Lomas Court
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011-1700

(575)993-3460 • website:

The professional video services and live streaming at this show are governed by an exclusive video contract with the Club.  No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod, monopod or other supported camera/device, or any video recording or streaming of large parts or whole classes shall be permitted.  The contract terms permit individuals to record small bits of video of their own dogs only, and using handheld devices only (e.g. phone, tablet or small camcorder).  Individuals may post recorded videos of their own dogs to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc).  However, during show hours LIVE Broadcast Streaming to social media (e.g., Facebook Live) is not permitted.  Submission of an entry form and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and the dog to be professionally video recorded and streamed live only by the professional video services as contracted by the Club for this show.

All rights to video record and live stream or otherwise exploit this event and/or the persons or animals participating in it, including the names, likenesses and biographical matter of dogs, owners, handlers, breeders and kennels participating in the event shall belong solely to the show giving Club and/or the American Kennel Club, Inc.  No spectator, participant, owner, handler, breeder or kennel shall make commercial use of any video recordings of any person or animal participating in this event without prior written approval from the Club.  This event may not be broadcast to social media (e.g. Facebook Live, etc) without prior written approval from the Club.


ShowDogVideoPros will be LIVE streaming the show, as well as providing RECORDED streaming video class-by-class each day after the judging.  All the info for signing up and buying a ticket is here: TBD

(1) ALL VIDEOS ON USB Flash Drives.  By going “All Electronic” and not being locked into a 2-hr DVD format, we are now able to offer videos that (a) include complete unedited footage of every dog in every class, i.e., full exams, all movements, and judging, (b) that are based on a single class, and (c) that are offered in Bundles and Packages at significant discounts!
(2) VIDEO PACKAGES – significant ‘chunks’ of the show at <very> Discounted rates, e.g. National Show, Whole Show, etc.
(3) VIDEO BUNDLES – logical show segments at <very> Discounted rates, e.g. National DOGS, BITCHES, BREED, SWEEPS, etc.
(4) JUST MY CLASS – Folks can now order just the classes in which they competed – 1, 2, 3, or more classes at a time.
(5) JUST MY DOG – Folks can order a custom edited video featuring just their dog in competition in 1 or more classes.
ALL of our videos are now in electronic format delivered on USB Flash Drive.  We offer a number of different “connector” options, including standard USB 3, USB “C”, Lightning Drives for iPhone/iPad, and so on.
___________________________________See you all soon!!