Coordinator: Lori DiLorenzo,

Deadline for Ad Submission: Closed

The ESSFTA National Specialty Catalog offers a wonderful pictorial.  Don’t miss the opportunity to include your dog(s) in this year’s Catalog.  The catalog will be in color

Advertising Rates

Full Page (4 ½” x 7 ½”)$75.00$125.00
Half Page (4 ½” x 3 5/8”)$45.00$100.00
Two Page Spread $130.00 

Formats accepted are JPG, PNG or PDF at 300 dpi resolution.

  1. All Camera Ready Ads and original photos must be in 300 dpi resolution.
  2. Please indicate size of ad (full page = 4.5” x 7.5”; half page = 4.5” x 3.5”)
  3. Digital copies of Original photographs must accompany the ad.
  4. Camera ready ads must be of proper proportion and size.
  5. State whether the ad is camera ready or to be used as a guide. Camera ready art is scanned in.  Most times it cannot be changed in any way except for adding a photo.  If you have a spelling error, the ad will appear with the error.
  6. Camera ready ads and original photos must be submitted in digital form.
  7. For Ads that are not camera ready, submit digital copies of photos and “verbage” you want included in the Ad. Scanned copies of photos do not reproduce well and will be rejected if they are “blurred” or are not in the correct resolution.
  8. For Ads that are not camera ready, provide precise instructions for how you want the ad to appear. Make sure the wording requested will fit in the size of the ad. Proofread the words provided for the ad carefully. Any typos may be carried over into the ad if the error is not obvious. We do not know how you spell the dog or owners names and will not notice errors.
  9. If you want particular ads grouped together or particular pages facing each other, please provide written specifics when you submit your ads. The best option is to submit all ad materials together that are to be grouped together in the catalog.  We will do our best to follow your instructions. However, we cannot promise that the printer will comply.

Submit all Ads in Digital format to Lori DiLorenzo at