Conformation/Junior Showmanship

 Linda Riedel

I’ve been involved in showing and breeding for over 50 yrs. I started as a teenager showing several different large breeds, mainly Akitas, German Shepherds, and Malamutes, as well as, showing hunter/jumpers for many years. I started showing and breeding English Springer Spaniels on a small scale in the mid 1970′ s under my kennel name of Ramblewood. I have bred over 180 champions, several BTS, SBIS, top ten winners and top producers. have shown a great many of these dogs myself. I judge the Sporting, Working, Hound, and Herding Groups, BIS, and JS. I have been judging ESS since 1980. All my dogs descend from my original springer ACH. Welcome Happy Talk and all Ramblewood springers are named after song titles in his honor.

I thoroughly enjoy judging, the exhibitors, and learning new things about breeds at every show. I am a retired teacher by profession with five grown children, six grandchildren, and one scientist husband- Thank you for this wonderful judging opportunity.


 Karen Carrico

I have lived in Kentucky and Florida and have an M.A. in art. I have done commissioned work, had pieces in group exhibitions and sold many. My real vocation, however, was middle and then high school art teacher for nearly 30 years. Married 38 years to the same good guy, Terry Carrico, we have a daughter, Emily, who was a junior handler and is now a dancer with the Atlanta Ballet.

My start in purebred dogs began in 1982 with a pet store cocker spaniel. I put a CD on him but couldn’t train him to stop biting people, so I switched to the English springer spaniel. I had seen two-time national specialty winner, CH Sellier’s Quarterback Sneak, at a local show and thought he was the most magnificent animal I had ever seen. The artist in me is still infatuated with the general aesthetic of the English springer spaniel.

My first springer was a funny little Stuart / Lumpy granddaughter I purchased from Brenda Sawyer (Brendon ESS). Since those days back in the 1980s, I have mostly shown at specialties because I love the quality of the competition and the comradery found there. I enjoy sharing what I know with others and being a sponge as others share with me. The majority of points on nearly all of my dogs were earned at specialties, and I have had Top 10 ranked bitches. I have judged many sweepstakes over the years, including American Spaniel Club, Chattahoochee ESSCGA and Susquehanna ESSC. I am a Judges’ Education Mentor and have led and participated in many presentations.  Judging puppy and veteran sweepstakes at the 2021 national is one of my life’s highest honors.

4-6 Month Puppy

Carol J. Hathaway

I owned my first Springer about 40 years ago. He was not a show springer, but he is the reason I fell in love with this breed. I purchased my first bench Springer from Jim and Irene Eadie (Canamer) and also my foundation bitch. I bred Springers under my kennel name “Aspen English Springer Spaniels.” I’m an AKC Breeder of Merit and on the ESSFTA Judges Mentor Committee.

I’ve been blessed with being ‘owned by’ some exceptional Springers. My first homebred Springer “Caper” was ESSFTA Winners Bitch under esteemed judge Anne Rogers Clark. Caper was also ESSFTA Show Dam of the Year (two times). Several years later, Caper’s daughter was Runner-up Show Bitch of the Year. A few other highlights were littermates that garnered ESSFTA Winners Dog and Winners Bitch in the same year, and another littermate was ESSFTA Open agility Springer of the year. Along with memories of All-breed BIS and several SBIS.

Over the years I trained, exhibited, and participated in many venues including Conformation, Field (Working Dog and AKC Hunt tests), Agility, Tracking, Rally, Obedience, and Therapy Dog. Some past experiences that rounded out my appreciation for this breed were when I was on the MN Hunting Spaniel Board, Hunt Test Chair, marshalled at Hunt Tests, Hunt Test Apprentice Judged Junior, Senior, and Master Levels, and had the opportunity to train with some exceptional Field Trial friends. These opportunities gave me a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding of our breed.

It’s good to give back – I had the opportunity to coach 3 outstanding juniors who became top junior handlers. They were invited to exhibit at Westminster and Eukanuba. I’m also licensed to judge juniors for my approved breeds. I love all the venues but the most rewarding was when Reba was a Therapy Dog at Regions level 2 trauma Hospital. It is heartwarming and precious to see the difference the Therapy Dogs make in people’s lives. I’m also a lifetime member of Take the Lead, a non-profit organization dedicated to help people in the sport of dogs who have a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Currently, I’m a Management Analyst, Project Manager, and Communication Specialist/Technical Writer. I’m also an approved AKC Judge and I’ve judged large Springer entries as well as specialties. In addition, I judge sweepstakes for many other breeds, matches, All-breed Owner Handler Groups and Puppy Groups. I’ve had fun judging 4-6 puppy classes and groups at an all-breed show.

I’m honored to judge our 4-6 puppies – The future of our breed! 

Obedience/Rally Judges


Terry got her start in dog training when she purchased her first golden “as a pet” in 1984.  This “pet” ended up being a Ch. UD SH and began that long, winding, back and forth and up and down road called love for obedience.

Since that time, she has failed in obedience more times than Joe DiMaggio struck out, and spent more money than Bernie Sanders on his campaigns, but also managed to earn 3 OTCHS, several UDs and UDXs, 3 RAEs, and one MACH.  Currently, she is trialing one retired OTCH who is currently 1/3 of his way to his RACH, and would probably be a bit farther along if she could remember her left from her right.  Her present obedience golden, OTCH Rusty Creek Orange You Smart UDX2 OM4 RAE JH AX AXJ, is busy making her look either really great or really terrible in the ring, depending on the day.  Everyone knows that feeling.

She started judging in obedience and rally 4 years ago and finds that giving back to the sports she loves is both rewarding, and fun.  She enjoys watching teams work together to do their best that day.

Terry is honored to be asked to judge this specialty and is looking forward to watching some great dogs in her ring.  Keep on training!


My dog training interest began formally in the mid 60’s while assisting a field trial trainer working with German Shorthair and German Wirehair Pointers.  Officially, the obedience bug hit in 1973 with a German Shepherd. 

I became a novice obedience judge in 1982, shortly after achieving my first U.D. title with an ever clever Doberman.  By 1985, I was approved to judge Novice through Utility obedience classes.  I had achieved U.D. titles on a Border Collie and another Doberman.  My other breeds achieving obedience titles include: (OTCH MACH) Golden Retrievers, Miniature Pinscher (CDX, NA, NAJ), Miniature Poodle (CD and CDX as well as MACH4) and, of course, the German Shepherd (CDX).  I also put MX, MXJ on a Long-Coat Chihuahua. My short list of accomplishments also includes finishing Poodles, Brussels Griffons, Chihuahuas (smooth and long) and Miniature Pinschers to their Breed Championships.  Agility titles were attained with a Miniature Pinscher ( Liza, AD, OA), a Long Coat Chihuahua (Rikki, MX,MXJ), a Shetland Sheepdog (Ivy, MX, MXJ) and two Miniature Poodles (CH Keeper, MX,MXJ) (CH MACH5 Dancer, CDX, RE).

I believe that being an obedience judge has given me the opportunity to give back a bit to the sport that has given me so much. Teaching obedience offers me the opportunity to put better exhibitors into the sport.

Good Luck to you all today and in all future endeavors.